Dec 14, 2011

Song in the Storm

When all my life is tossed and shaken; when all I trusted turns to dust. When life itself become uncertain, You alone stand firm.
When waves of doubt buffet at my soul and winds of change threaten all I am, I fear I cannot stay this course but You alone stay sure.
In darkest day, in night of need, in hours of confusing pain. Though arguments build up in piles, You alone are true.

And precious Master, when I would doubt remind me whose slave I am. Remind me of the purchase price, remind me You care for Your own.
Dearest Jesus, hold me close. "Prone to wander", so, Savior, keep me near. When I would stray, when I'd run, bind fast my heart to Yours.
Treasured Friend, take charge of my heart. Keep coldness far and hardness banished. And if lean I do, as lean I will, keep my leaning bent toward You.

Oh soul of mine, how quickly you doubt. You tend so much toward despair. Remember, I charge you, the Father's protection and your Shepherd's constant care.
Mind and will, you too, must yield to trust and not to sorrow. Despair can have no place in here, I am my Father's daughter.
And finally, joy, bubble up and over, delight in this season too. Spring from thankfulness for the lessons you learn, and hope in the dreams of tomorrow.


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