Sep 1, 2010

I Am Christian

I have made a decision…

My life is hid with Christ. Old things have passed away, all things are new.

I have put my hand to the plow. I will not look back. Sin has no attraction, death has lost its grip, and Hell has no claim on me. I have been bought with a price, purchased for a purpose, commissioned with authority. I have a new identity; I am Christian.

My feet are set on the straight and narrow, my face is turned to heaven, my eyes are focused on my Lord, and my heart impassioned by His cause. I cannot be distracted, dissuaded, deterred, discourage, or daunted because I have a cause. I am Christian.

I am a soldier in the Army of God pledged to protect my comrades, dedicated to advance the Kingdom of the Most High. God is my Commander-In-Chief; souls are my mission; holiness, my armor; Scripture, my weapon; the high praises of God, my war cry; and prayer, my battlefield. My banner is clear; I am Christian.

I will not flirt with temptation, play with sin, or mess with compromise. I am not a fence-rider, a people pleaser, or a yes-man. I don’t go with the flow or run with the in-crowd. I am not everybody else, I am Christian.

The devil can’t mess with me, culture can’t stop me, the world can’t conform me, temptation can’t confuse me, vice can’t deflate me, failure can’t divert me, and all the powers of Hell cannot prevent me. It’s not that I am a survivor; it’s that I am Christian.

I will live my life to the fullest. I will go where God leads me, I will say what He tells me, I will do as He’s shown me. If He asks for everything I own, I will count it a commendable sacrifice. If men mock me, I will consider myself blessed. If I lose my reputation, it will be well worth it. If I die for the cause of Christ, I will deem it the highest honor. Though He slay me still I will praise Him. It is what I do because I Am Christian.

I look forward to daring what only the bravest have done. I walk in the footsteps of giants of the faith. I am surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses. I will learn from their examples, I will be inspired by their courage, I will remember their wisdom, I will reap where they have sown. I will live worthy of the title bestowed upon me. As they were Christians so I am Christian.

I do not fight for nothing; I strive for the highest calling. I look to a city whose Builder and Maker is God. I run to win. I live my life so far out that it will be found again in life eternal. At the end of it all, when it comes time to give account for my life, I long to hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant” as my Master approves.

This is my life.

I am Christian.

Copyright 2010 Lisa Fox


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