Mar 27, 2012


The clang of garden gates behind me
The flame of the angel's sword, it blinds me
Stain from the fruit yet upon my face
A coat of skins hiding my disgrace
Run fast and hard before death finds me
Before death binds me
And death maligns me

The mind deceived by the serpent's hiss
The scars I bear from his unholy kiss
Go unnoticed in these crowded streets
Among well-scrubbed masses just like me
Unknowingly we march to the abyss
Ignorant bliss
Deadly ignorant bliss

Still inside my spirit thirsts
A groaning, a craving inside me stirs
I feed my lusts but my lusts leave a yearning
Nothing soothes my soul, I am learning
Is there no defender of us cursed?
For the sting of our curse
Grows only worse

Oh, for a redeemer to pay the price
Oh, for a hero to save my life
But my own heart of darkness thwarts my purpose
Deafens my ears to Love's sweet opus
The chasm between God and I
It is too wide
So I cry

They pass me by on either side
These Children of God with light in their eyes
Would that one stop and give me ease
My face rejects you, but my heart still pleads
For a taste of that glory that you hide
Don't deny
Please, don't deny

Saints and warriors, bearers of light
You know the bridge across the divide
Yet you ignore the the cries of these lost
Hoarding the mercy of Jesus' cross
Would you hold back what's freely given?
Would you bar the path to heaven?
Did you forget what Christ forgave you?
Did you brush off the mission He gave you?
Do you value His commands so lightly?
While holding comfort so dear and so tightly?
Sit safely inside your American dream
Over streets littered with the unredeemed

Who shall we send, who will go for us
Who will take up heaven's own cause
Who will run to the wounded and crying
Who will bind up the broken and dying
Who will hear the cry of the lost
And draw them from the grave to the foot of the cross


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