Jul 15, 2011

Soul Rejoice

Oh my soul
Why are you downcast
When He's proved His ways are perfect every time
Lift your eyes
He’s never failed me
Even now He waits to perform His mighty deeds

In this time I’ll turn to Him
As He completes what He’s begun
As He works all things together for my gain
I will believe in the God of my soul

Oh my soul
Lift up your voice in praise
As you consider all the days gone by
Never once has He
Left you alone
He's been here in every trial and every tear

And in this time I’ll glorify Him
For all that He’s done
And all He’s worked together for my gain
And I will proclaim, He’s the God of my soul

Oh my soul sing the wonderful works
The glorious ways
The reason to hope
The marvelous name


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