Aug 16, 2011


where is one
           with faith like a child
                     one who will hear like a child
                              and bring what they have
                                       the little they have
                                               but all that they have
                                                      into the hands of the master

where is the one with faith to move mountains
            just a small bit of faith is enough to move mountains
                   if it's put into motion
                         and walked into action
                                 even a child's faith is enough to move mountains

where is one
                     just one who will dare
                                                         to go hungry for once
to dare, even this once
                      and offer their lunch 
                                                        for the use of the master

he doesn't want much
     just a small child's lunch
             but a willing child's lunch
                                              and he will multiply 
                                                       ...and multiply
                                                       ...and multiply
                                                       ...and multiply
                                                       ...and multiply
                                                       ...and multiply

until he's made enough
                                   of that little child's lunch
                                                                         enough to feed a multitude

what would it take for me
         for GOD to do that much in me
               for a miracle to begin in me
                      and for GOD to touch so many
would it take great works
                     great money
                      great words
                               great talent perhaps? if that's what he asks
                                                                          i'll have to decline
                                                                    for i haven't that much

but if GOD can use what i have
       the little i have
             but all that i have
                    then i'll bring what i have 
                             i'll bring all that i have
                                   though it's little i have
                                          and let him touch multitudes

the ingredients for miracles
is so very small
you don't have to bring much
so long as it's all


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