May 23, 2011


Have you noticed the themes that God writes across our lives? Do you have those reminders that He has etched on your heart by constantly going back to a single principle?

I do. Such as now when He asks, "Do you trust Me?"
When questions and worries pile up I pour out my 'need' for decisive answers to the Lord and His only response is. "Do you trust Me?"
When the answer to every prayer is still and always, constantly, "Do you trust Me?"
When my faith is 3 feet high and asked to face my soul's giant, "Do you trust Me?"
When my strength is gone, my purpose shattered and all I want to do is crawl into the dark and cry, "Do you trust Me?"
Day after day, moment upon confusing moment, "Do you trust Me?"
When the voice thundering over the "why's" speaks, "Do you trust Me?"
Every comforting word softly queries, "Do you trust Me?"
Every Scripture asks the same, "Do you TRUST Me?"

Every rock that would cry out, every sunrise full of promise, every gust of wind on my face it would seem is intent on hearing the answer - on commanding me to answer the weightiest of questions, "Do you trust Him?"
Even the smallest sparrow and each delicate lily asks me, "Do you trust Him?"
The heroes of the ages, the great crowd of witnesses seems to wonder from the pages of history and the Bible, "Do you trust Him?"
The altars I have built in the past on His faithfulness scream to me in my memory, asking, "Do you trust Him?"

So I wonder...DO I trust Him?

My thoughts drift over my life and situations and remember the times He has acted. Over and over, circumstance building upon circumstance, crowding to my vision, crying in my ears, memories show me the answer. Reminders in the pages of my journal, on the margins of my Bible, on the pictures on my wall, on the lives of the people I have met, in every nook and cranny of my own life I see it written plainly so I cannot escape it even if I tried. He HAS been faithful!!!
Logic and faith come together, memory and hope meet and each proclaims, "He CAN be trusted!"

So now the only question left is this..."WILL I trust Him?" I have to answer that now...and I will need to answer in 5 minutes, when I lie on my pillow tonight, tomorrow, the next day, each day, moment by moment, situations at a time, when I can't see the way, in joy, in pain, in darkness, in daytime, in the worst circumstance I can imagine, when my strength fails, when I am worried, anxious confused.........the question will remain to be answered every time I draw a breath, "Will I trust Him?"

It has me wondering.

But I think of the promise that my head WILL be lifted up,that this journey will make sense as I survey it at its close, that daybreak ALWAYS follows night, that there is a reason for THIS season and it IS NECESSARY for my life, that I am more than a conqueror, that I am an heir with Christ, that I am beloved, cherished, safe, sung over, sheltered, carried, free.

So ask again, Lord, that glorious question! Ask again if I trust You.
I will look You in the eye with a smile of anticipated triumph and declare with all my heart, soul, mind, and STRENGTH, clearly and loudly enough for my enemy and circumstance to be forewarned......
"YES! I trust You.


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