Jul 4, 2009

One Thing To Know

This one thing I know
This one thing I’ve learned...

God is God and I am nothing
But His mercy’s faithful as the morning
While all this world is passing
There’s a love that’s everlasting
In a God who's God for I am not

That anything worth having is worth the wait it cost
And waiting’s not complaining but trust
Though the end is lovely
The journey was planned for my gain
By a God who’s God while I am not

That love is never easy but it's more than I can know
And that sometimes to love best, we have to let go
Though I think I’ve been forgotten here
He remembers every tear
For He is God...but I am not

That every seed must die before it comes to life
So that’s why He requires a sacrifice
But then there's times He stays my hand...And provides Himself a Lamb
That's why God is God and I am not


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